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Blissful Dream TM Lavender Pillow Spray

Blissful Dream TM Lavender Pillow Spray

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Plant Therapy Essential Oil Blissful Dream Lavender Pillow Spray is a natural sleep aid.

Brand's Description: "This spray was expertly formulated to promote relaxation for the mind and body, thanks to its gentle, soothing Lavender aroma. Composed of the highest quality essential oils and isolates, you can rest easy knowing you are using a natural spray without any harsh ingredients or synthetic fragrance. Mist this pillow spray onto your pillows and bed sheets before going to bed. Its lovely, gentle aroma is just right for falling asleep without overpowering your senses. Our Blissful Dreams Lavender Pillow Spray has been third-party tested for safe use on rayon, polished cotton, silk, leather, pleather, and carpet. However, we recommend testing on a small, inconspicuous patch first. Our Blissful Dreams Lavender Pillow Spray is made without 1,4 dichlorobenzene, acetaldehyde, ammonia, formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates, or triclosan."

Made in United States of America

 -Dimensions: 3.5" l x 2.4" w x 5.5" h, 0.69 lbs

-Size: 8 FL. OZ,  237 mL


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